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Books I've written

The Ignatian Workout for Lent (Loyola Press, 2013)-- Ten year anniversary of the bestselling Ignatian Workout


Six Sacred Rules for Families: A Spirituality of the Home (Ave Maria Press, October 2013)

"This new book helps to fill a huge gap in the world of Christian spiritual writing: the home. Tim and Sue Muldoon's lovely work is a warm, practical, inviting, user-friendly, and family-tested manual on ways to find God in the complex world of the family. Too often books on family life are written either by celibates with no lived experience of changing diapers, or by fathers or mothers who give the impression that their family is the exemplar of all that is good. Six Sacred Rules wisely grounds itself in the Gospels, but also reflects the authors' real-life experience in struggling to find God in the messy and often beautiful place where we all begin our spiritual journeys: in the family."

—James Martin, S.J.,
 author of The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything

"Tim and Sue Muldoon have done something wonderful, here: they've managed to impart and apply Ignatian wisdom to the realities of family life, and in the process they've communicated a spiritual perspective that is immensely valuable to the stressful job of parenting. I loved this book and couldn't put it down. Although my children are grown, the insights and tools shared here are as applicable to the parenting of adult children as to young ones, because they are rooted in true wisdom and can only strengthen the family dynamic. I just wish these rules had been in my hands twenty years ago!"
—Elizabeth Scalia, author of Strange Gods

"Tim and Sue Muldoon have created something rare indeed: a quick and enjoyable read worth ten times its weight in gold. You will want to enjoy it over and over, highlighting and underlining as you go. This delightful resource is overflowing with practical wisdom for every parent who longs to give their children the treasures of a living faith in Jesus Christ. Endearing and entertaining personal stories from the Muldoons' marriage and family life illuminate simple, but powerful spiritual lessons—lessons accessible enough to embolden even the most timid among us to draw nearer to Jesus Christ, and to bring our children into vibrant relationship with Him."
—Lisa Mladinich,
 author of Be an Amazing Catechist


Longing to Love: A Memoir of Desire, Relationships, and Spiritual Transformation (Loyola Press, 2010) read an excerpt.

From Loyola Press:

In Longing to Love, a beautifully written and refreshingly honest love memoir, best-selling author Tim Muldoon reveals how true love grows through the unexpected twists and turns in a relationship.

From sex to self-giving love, from the desire to be loved to the desire to serve God in the person of his spouse, from resisting adoption to loving his two adopted daughters unconditionally, Muldoon's love memoir shows how love rarely, if ever, follows the script we wish it would--and yet how the altered script can lead us on our greatest adventure with God!

Longing to Love is a narrative theology and spirituality of love, of God’s invitation to model one’s own way of being-in-the-world on God’s own Trinitarian intimacy.  Rooted in an Ignatian meditation on love, which “shows itself more in deeds than words,” (Exx. 230-231) the story follows one man’s attempts to understand the roots of sexual desire, and the deeper desire for love through the experience of suffering and the discovery of joy.

The book will be of particular interest to young adults unsure of how to navigate the conflicting cultural messages about sex and love.  Throughout the book, the editors have flagged a number of passages and raised questions for discussion; these questions will provide food for thought for reading groups.




A Little Book of Saints (Ivy Press, 2010).  See excerpts here.

The saints show us that a deep and lasting commitment to Christ is possible under whatever circumstances, and that this commitment will bring us freedom and joy.  A Little Book of Saints offers the example of 100 of them--from the Holy Land to Europe, from Asia to Africa to the Americas, from the time of Jesus until the 20th century.  Included in the book is access to downloadable icons of the saints for your desktop or mobile device.










Seeds of Hope: Young Adults and the Catholic Church in the United States (Paulist Press, 2008).  Excerpt

With so many Catholics in the United States being under forty, this timely book asks the question, "How can Catholics in the United States respond to the challenges of ministering to young adults?" Using sociological data, the author looks at the state of the church today, then considers five key areas of concern: theology, ecumenism, liturgy, spirituality, and moral authority.

The book offers reflections on some of the challenges facing the Church in these areas, and offers constructive suggestions for how Catholics--including laity and clergy--can respond to them by better understanding the world that young adults inhabit.

Fascinating, productive, and hopeful, this book will be important reading for anyone concerned with the future of the Church.

"The Catholic Church has a present and a future in the United States. When a younger scholar like Tim Muldoon writes convincingly about the perspectives of young adult Catholics, their questions and lived experience, the reader finds hope. This hope lies in the enthusiasm and willingness to be engaged expressed by young Catholics as well as in the listening and faithful witness of the not so young." (Frank Berna, OFM, review in Catholic Books Review)






The Ignatian Workout: Daily Spiritual Exercises for a Healthy Faith (Loyola Press, 2004).  Read excerpts here.

We live in a body-conscious society with people filling gyms in an attempt to get, and stay, physically fit. The Ignatian Workout promotes the importance of achieving spiritual fitness and presents a dynamic program of ìworkoutsî based on Saint Ignatius Loyolaís Spiritual Exercises.

Designed for reading, reflection, and prayer, The Ignatian Workout includes a brief history of St. Ignatius and an overview of the Spiritual Exercises. Based on a four-week program, originally designed as a 30-day retreat, each week focuses on different elements of the mystery of the Christian faith. Full of practical suggestions for becoming spiritually fit, the book concludes with a complete resource guide of books and Web sites for continued study.

"Muldoon has managed to reconstruct them in such a way that they work nicely for the average busy working person. But don't be deceived. This is not a one-month-to-a-better-life program. This is an every-day-for-the-rest-of-your-life thing. If you truly put yourself into the material and do the exercises and other workouts suggested by the author, by the time you have worked your way through the book, you will have transformed your life." (Parishwebmaster.com)







Come to the Banquet: Nourishing Our Spiritual Hunger (Sheed and Ward, 2002).

Come to the Banquet speaks to young adults on the basic questions of spirituality: How do we seek meaning? How can Christianity speak to my own situation? What does it mean to pray? What do I want to do with my life? How can I know God? Assuming no prior experience with Christian theology or spirituality, Come to the Banquet outlines how Christianity can offer spiritual seekers nourishment for our most basic needs as human beings. Writing in a conversational style, Muldoon recognizes the pluralistic situation in which we live today and offers readers a timely and relevant exploration of Christianity. Chapters deal with spiritual hunger, wisdom, and nourishment by focusing on essential questions of life through the lens of Scripture and tradition. Discussion questions are ideal for individual and group study.

"a persuasive affirmation of the hungry void in humanity that is filled by faith in God and Jesus Christ. With emphasis on the communal ties of spirituality, Come To The Banquet is written in simple, direct, accessible language appropriate for readers of all backgrounds. No prior study of Christian theology is required. Come To The Banquet is warmly recommended as a gentle, superbly crafted introduction to the depth and ties of spiritual faith." (Midwest Book Review)